The main congregation of the Eid in the capital is at 8:00 am on Wednesday at the National Eidgah ground. Head of state People from all walks of life, including Abdul Hamid, cabinet members and judges, started praying to pray for the welfare of the people after Eid prayers.

Rainfall was predicted in the capital on Eid, the sky was cloudy since morning. But during the Eid prayers, there was no reason for rain. After sunset, the sun’s light is seen in the clouds.

At the end of the Eid Jamaat, everyone was busy making animal sacrifices. Because of the clouds in the sky, animal slaughter and meat management, many people have a wrinkle in their foreheads, but there is no relief in the rain due to relief in their mind.

Everybody said the problem of offering prayers and sacrifices in the morning. But on the eid day the rain washed away the animal waste.

The Meteorological Department said there is a possibility of rain in some parts of Rajshahi, Rangpur, Mymensingh and Dhaka; However, there is less fear of suffering.

Meanwhile, city authorities are pushing for removal of animal waste in the fastest time. Mayor of Dhaka South City Carpentry Said Khokan announced cleansing of Korbanis in 24 hours.

To avoid environmental pollution due to the slaughter of animals sacrificial animals, the government has now fixed 2,954 places in 11 city corporation areas. Of these, 625 in South City Corporation and 549 places in North City Corporation.

But as always, in the streets and in the city of Oligali, slaughter of livestock was seen till noon.

As city corporation, this year around five lakh animals can be sacrificed. About 21 thousand cleanliness workers from two city corporations are on the field to remove the waste from these animals.

For the convenience of the waste disposal, the citizens of Dhaka have kept about five lakh polybags with two corporations. Hotline has also been introduced for emergency communication.

Initially, the cattle prices were high in cattle hats at the beginning of the Eid, but the prices fell on Eid the previous day.

Tannery businessmen will buy sack of cow sapling in Bangladesh at Tk 45 to 50; It costs 35 to 40 rupees outside Dhaka. Besides, the traders will collect khasir skin Tk 18-20 and goat skin at Tk 13-15.

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